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1230 Grandview Road, Gibsons
I am a landscape photographer here on the Sunshine Coast who enjoys capturing the beauty of the natural world. I also take photos of birds and other wildlife. Also included in my portfolio are travel pictures. Looking at nature with a ca […]
1230 Grandview Rd, Gibsons
My name is Susan Ferguson. I have been a potter since moving to the Coast in 2009, when we bought a beautiful home in Gibsons and built our own studio. My work tends to be mostly functional, and I explore both wheel and slab work. My inspi […]
1335 Kearton Rd, Gibsons
Showing with Catherine Nicholls textiles; Elizabeth Harris’ ceramics of flora & fauna; & Dawn Myer’s charming & creative willow baskets. Basketry, ceramics, textiles 1335 Kearton Rd • • •
1335 Kearton Rd, Gibsons
Group show with Catherine Nicholls textiles; Elizabeth Harris’ ceramics of flora & fauna; & Dawn Myer’s charming & creative willow baskets. Basketry, ceramics, textiles.
1335 Kearton Road, Gibsons
ravensthread studio – Catherine Nicholls textiles hosting Elizabeth Harris’ ceramics celebrating flora & fauna and Dawn Myer’s charming & creative willow baskets. 1335 Kearton Road • • •
1650 Gower Point Road, Gibsons
APPOINTMENT VISITS ONLY IN 2020. In past years, our group is up to 5 individuals who come together to create, exhibit and sell unique art. Given these uncertain times, we will only be exhibiting prints by Erika Mashig. 1650 Gower Pt Rd • 778.773.0384
1457 Vernon Dr, Gibsons
Unique, sterling silver & gold filled jewelry, crochet necklaces & bracelets, beaded bracelets, necklaces & earrings, fused glass jewellery, painted rocks and shells, mixed media art and more.
1473 Sunset Place, Gibsons
Roberta has painted in watercolours throughout her life, where possible, painting 'en plein air'. Her work covers a wide range of subject matter and reflects a deep connection to the landscape of British Columbia. Roberta's paintings ar […]
1347 Russel Rd, Gibsons
Large contemporary art works displayed in a historic wooden barn. A mixed media abstract artist & former architect. Bold colourful works inspired by textures of the west coast. Demo Friday at 2pm.
1517 Island View Drive, Gibsons
With two years of oil painting experience, I use the Sunshine Coast as inspiration with a cool and warm color palate. I try to capture the natural beauty of our oceans and skies. Enjoying family memories through every season.
1517 Islandview Drive, Gibsons
A true passion and live for art and creation, I pain with colour and style subjects that will bring up emotions of joy, hope, inspiration and energy. Everyone needs colour in their life as it stimulates us... I hope you enjoy feeling what I do.
470 Oceanview Drive, Gibsons
Showcasing an amazing array of beautiful, vibrant abstracts, soulful wildlife portraits and acrylic pours will be shown in this welcoming gallery–like setting. Horses and rainforest images may also make an appearance.
2047 Ranch Road, Roberts Creek
APPOINTMENT ONLY VISITS 2020. From gates and railings to sculptural objects, Tree Studios can work with you to create something to call your own. This year consultations for custom work and pick up of prepaid catalog items by appointment […]
2003 Coach Road, Roberts Creek
Olga Sugden’s professional art education included textile design, book illustration, and fashion illustration. Humour and whimsy capture Olga’s attention when she is creating her work. Olga works in pencil, watercolours and oils, and her […]
2212 Oldershaw Rd, Roberts Creek
STUDIO 2212 is the home of MONSTER CREATIVE LIMITLESS - the lair of International Artist Mardi Coeur de Lion. Outdoor/Indoor exhibition of large works and small works in various mediums. Visitors WELCOME during Arts Crawl or you can book a […]
2530 Miles Road, Roberts Creek
Shikoku Bonsai Canada - Gerald Rainville - with years of traditional bonsai apprenticeship in Japan, Gerald runs an established a large bonsai nursery focused on long term tending of quality trees. 2530 Miles Rd •
1551 Lockyer Road, Roberts Creek
Beth Hawthorn – Modern functional ceramics by Beth Hawthorn. A venue not to be missed. • IG@beth.hawthorn •
1551 Lockyer Road, Roberts Creek
See new work by sculptor Robert Studer, intermedia artist, Joah Lui and Ian Godfrey. Satisfy your curiosity in this compelling design studio and gallery. A must see.
1600 Hanbury Road, Roberts Creek
BY APPOINTMENT VISITS ONLY 2020. An authentic Canadian Textile Mill crafting bespoke blankets in the tradition of heirloom weaving on antique Dobcross shuttle looms with transparentally sourced fibres. 1600 Hanbury Rd •
3204 Huckleberry Road, Roberts Creek
Born in Winnipeg, Kandice Keith is a contemporary painter based in Roberts Creek on the Sunshine Coast, BC. She is best known for her landscapes and portraits of native British Columbia wildlife. Keith's loose, impressionistic style and u […]

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