Sunshine Coast Canada
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How to update your listing

  1. Click  on ‘My Account’ on the top
  2. Log in :  user name _____ or email _________
  3. If you don’t know your password … you can create a new one
  4. After you are logged in it shows Dashboard at the top of a list on the left,
  5. Click Member Listings (it shows your status and membership renewal date),
  6. Then click EDIT 
  7. Scroll down to make any changes and keep scrolling to the Photos section to add/remove/change (if you want to change the order of the images, hold the mouse down over the image and move it up or down). Just below the images is the ‘add video’ if you have any you want to add (the video needs to be either youtube or vimeo).
  8. Scroll down to Save Changes

Feature Attractions

Map — How to get here

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