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Alison J Taylor

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Since graduating from Emily Carr University in 2009, I have focused on painting, creating both abstract and representational works. I work in various media; at the moment, most of my work is in oil and cold wax. The subtext for my work is usually my concern for the environment and biodiversity. But often I simply paint what interests me visually. Painting is an act of exploration. Through the process, I identify and express thoughts, feelings and philosophies that guide my life. Painting helps me make sense of my experience living in this era of history.

Art Crawl Details

Luminous abstract paintings and expressive landscapes, with some florals. I work mostly in oils, and lately have focused on cold wax medium which gives body to the paint, dries more quickly, and lends itself to a fresh, spontaneous, multi-layered approach. Paintings range in size from 3×4 inches up to 3×4 feet. The studio will be open, with oil and cold wax materials out if you’d like to see the process or try playing with oil and cold wax.

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