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Artists of Gambier Island

The Artists of Gambier Island are a multi-disciplinary community of Artists from Gambier Island, British Columbia

Current Members
– Bill Errico Jr – Author
– Claire Errico – Painter
– Eleanor Hanna – Photographer
– G.K. Ranu-Johnson – Painter
– George Wishart – Musician/ Pianist
– Gloria Masse’ – Painter
– Haley Armitage – Painter
– Joley Switzer – Painter
– Lorri Sawatsky – Photographer
– Neil Paterson – Musician/ Singer
– Sarah Hanna – Potter/ Designer
– Shannon Crook Silver – Designer

Located within the Gambier Island Community Centre
721 Andy’s Bay Rd, Gambier Island/ Atl7Kitsem British Columbia
Walking distance from water taxi at New Brighton Dock

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We are a group of multidisciplinary artists, located on Gambier Island in
the beautifully wild West Howe Sound. Please call 604.961.9384 to get directions.

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