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Artists of Gambier Island

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The Artists of Gambier Island are a multi-disciplinary community of Artists from Gambier Island, British Columbia

Current Members
– Bill Errico Jr – Author
– Claire Errico – Painter
– Eleanor Hanna – Photographer
– G.K. Ranu-Johnson – Painter
– George Wishart – Musician/ Pianist
– Gloria Masse’ – Painter
– Haley Armitage – Painter
– Joley Switzer – Painter
– Lorri Sawatsky – Photographer
– Neil Paterson – Musician/ Singer
– Sarah Hanna – Potter/ Designer
– Shannon Crook Silver – Designer

Located within the Gambier Island Community Centre
721 Andy’s Bay Rd, Gambier Island/ Atl7Kitsem British Columbia
Walking distance from water taxi at New Brighton Dock

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We are a group of multidisciplinary artists, located on Gambier Island in
the beautifully wild West Howe Sound. Please call 604.961.9384 to get directions.

Art Crawl Details

The Community of Artists of Gambier Island invite you to multi-disciplines of art, workshops, kids fun, on-site cafe, live music, evening Soirees, Gambier Island Community Centre 721 Andy’s Bay Rd, walking distance from water taxi. Shuttles available.

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