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Clare Wilkening

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Clare Wilkening (she/they) is a recent grad from Emily Carr U. The impulses & ideas for their work begin with a broad love for the natural world. Clare utilizes ceramic forms to evoke, narrate, & respond to specific places & ecological issues. Clare chooses to work primarily in ceramics because of the material’s direct connection to the ground, which has inherent power & meaning. Clay is a material that can be a bridge between the topic of their work, the object that is the work, & the substrate of our existence. We are all subjects of the ground, & the ground is subjected to all of us.

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The impulses and ideas behind work begin with a broad love for the natural world. I utilize ceramic forms to evoke, narrate, and respond to specific places and ecological issues. My work is concerned with marine and terrestrial ecosystems, with land and time, and with human/industrial/commodity impacts.
Food plays an indelible role in all of those systems, and my tableware brings forth these interactions with beautiful and thoughtful designs and surfaces.

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