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Deanne Mineau, Director, Coast Cultural Alliance

I came to the Sunshine Coast 10 years ago from North Vancouver via Toronto, Saskatchewan, Quebec and Ottawa. I am a writer and poet, reader of Tarot and Runes, lover of percussion, and a private tutor in French and English as a 2nd language. Economic growth fuelled by creation and the sale of cultural products fuels my adventure as a Director of the Coast Cultural Alliance.
With my good friend, the artist Margot Hallman, we have created two books. “Coming Home” was published so that my poetry and her art remain together and accessible, even once sold or donated to fundraising events. “Coast Inspired” was published in time for the Festival of the Written Arts, August 2019. Our collaboration is rooted in our feelings of awe of the power and beauty of our magnificent Coastal forests, the Ocean and formations in the ever-changing vistas of Sky. May our work help others to know and protect these sacred places.

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