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Dionne Paul (Ximiq)

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Dionne Paul (Ximiq) is a proud member of the Nuxalk Nation and Sechelt Nation. She is a member of the Eagle Clan and her ancestral name is Ximiq and translates to the first eyelash of sunlight that comes over the mountain to greet everyone in the morning. Ms. Paul grew up on the Sunshine Coast within the Sechelt Nation. She was adopted from the Nuxalk Nation and holds both close to her heart. As a child Ms. Paul loved to compose songs, choreograph dances, write and perform plays, play instruments, design costumes, invent board games and create beautiful things. She spent a few years in Sto:lo Nation territory where she learn to spin wool with June Quipp and stripping and processing cedar bark with Branda Crabtree and this was another epiphany of materials and art forms.

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Dionne P)aul (Ximiq) is a proud member of the Nuxalk Nation and Sechelt Nation and amulti disciplined artist, traditional knowledge keeper & teacher with commissions & art shown & collected internationally.

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