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I received my Masters of Art in Design in the Midwest and studied pottery. Since moving to British Columbia, I fell in love with gardens, but couldn’t keep the colour in my gardens year round. Yard art makes that possible. I work in stoneware and porcelain and am inspired by plants, fish and animals that reflect the vibrancy of their surroundings. There is simply too much pain and turmoil in this world. In my art I attempt to add levity to lighten mood and increase enjoyment of ones surroundings.

Works can be left outdoors in freezing temperatures as they are made of porcelain and stoneware and are fired to over 2000 degrees F. My functional pottery is designed to be fun to use and to fit in a modern or traditional home.

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Garden and yard sculpture as well as functional pottery in porcelain and stoneware. Walk the gardens filled with art sculptures and visit the studio. 7508 Eureka Place, 778-458-2117. Visit my website for the latest works.

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