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Ian and Lesley are the father-daughter team behind Finlayson Goldsmiths. After apprenticeship and extensive training in some of Vancouver’s premier workshops (Toni Cavelti, Lander Design, Swedish Jewelers), Ian went on to a 45 year career as a solo artisan in the fabrication of fine jewellery, using both new and old-world techniques. After jewelry design training, Lesley acquired a certificate in diamond grading. She will work with you to come up with a unique design, then Ian will craft the piece in 18 karat gold, platinum or silver. Redesign is also part of their work, incorporating metals and gemstones from heirloom or unworn jewellery. Drop-ins are welcome. (business hours on their website.)

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Master goldsmith Ian Finlayson works with his daughter Lesley to design and craft fine jewelry in 18K gold and platinum. Each piece they create is made by hand, using traditional European techniques.

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