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Jane Covernton

Jane Covernton is a writer and photographer, her latest work combines the two. In 2019 she published “a little handbook of Instructions for the End Times.”
In 2020 she has often been manipulating photos to make something strange and adding words. In spring she published “When We Became Plants: Pandemic Poems,” photography and poetry, written a poem a day during Poetry Month. Betty Keller called the book “delightful” in the Coast Reporter.
For the 2020 Sunshine Coast Art Crawl, Jane is showing 36 works of photography and texts called Water Prayers and Wikis. From her artist’s statement: The objective of this process of printing, changing, adding words, is to get first me, and then others, to stop and think, think about water in a new way, to appreciate it as the magical, amazing, wondrous thing it is. Each image is a thought, a fragment, but the whole is something more, something that I hope will be emergent, that is greater than the parts.

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