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Laurie Rolland-Potter

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My home is located in the Davis Bay area of Sechelt, it is a short block from the ocean and from the trails at Chapman Creek. The forms, textures and colours of my ceramics are inspired by these natural surroundings and also reflect cultural, structural and metaphorical references to boats.
My work is is primarily hand built using a mid temperature stoneware clay and is fired in oxidation. It is unique in form and surface and ranges from one-of-a-kind exhibition pieces to small domestic ware. It has been exhibited across Canada and Internationally and is in collections throughout the world.

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Unique handbuilt Ceramics including exhibition work as well as functional pieces. Textures and forms are inspired by nature. Laurie has exhibited across Canada and Internationally. Open By Appointment

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Laurie has been a full time potter for over 40 years. She makes hand-built vessel forms and fires her work in oxidation. There has been a natural progression in her work through the organic process-based approach that she uses in her practice.
Since 1997 she has used the boat, a feminine symbol of passage and transformation the world over, as a metaphor in her work. Her most current work integrates the natural with the cultural object to symbolically heal the conflict between the two. These ideas, and particularly the recalling of the Feminine Sacred, inform and are manifested in her work.

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