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Marlene Lowden

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I’m a painter and photographer who is fascinated by the play between texture, colour, and light. I find inspiration everywhere but especially in the natural surroundings of the beautiful Sunshine Coast. I am drawn to abstraction.

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Marlene invites you to visit her studio to
see her latest abstract pieces and browse her collection.
She has work in a wide range of sizes and welcomes
commissions. Please call ahead to 604.741.2545

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APPOINTMENT VISITS ONLY 2020. The mark-making in my work convey energy and emotion, linking to the beauty and chaos of my natural surroundings. I strive for hand made gestures and celebrate imperfection. Painting is an act of liberation and I allow the process to ultimately define the work. I am pleased to share my latest series of abstract paintings with during the Crawl. I work in a wide range of sizes and welcome commissions.

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