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Marlene Lowden

2021 art work by Marlene Lowden
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Marlene Lowden grew up in an ocean side rural town on the Sunshine Coast of British Columbia, just outside of Vancouver, Canada. After several years in television broadcasting, she resumed her lifelong interest in painting, drawing, and photography. She draws from her experience in television and video production, applying to canvas similar principles of composition and storytelling. While working and raising her two daughters, she studied with a range of instructors learning watercolour, acrylic, and oil painting techniques. She lives and works in her hometown of Gibsons, BC. and is honoured to have her work in private and public collections in Canada and internationally.

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Marlene invites you to visit her studio to see her latest abstract pieces and browse her collection. She has work in a wide range of sizes and welcomes commissions. Please call ahead to 604.741.2545

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APPOINTMENT VISITS ONLY 2020. The mark-making in my work convey energy and emotion, linking to the beauty and chaos of my natural surroundings. I strive for hand made gestures and celebrate imperfection. Painting is an act of liberation and I allow the process to ultimately define the work. I am pleased to share my latest series of abstract paintings with during the Crawl. I work in a wide range of sizes and welcome commissions.

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