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Natasha Stegemann

Art Crawl #

I am a passionately intense artist. I paint with the palette knife and the brush. The palette knife a tool so perfect for my personality enables me to sweep the colors on the canvas which rush out of me. The brush tries to tame the emotion of the knife, The knife in my hand gliding over the canvas, I tell a story regardless of what I am painting.

Years in West Vancouver and numerous studios and homes on the Sunshine Coast enable me to embrace the life style and allows me to paint what I see, water, birds, boats and everything in between.

Art Crawl Details

Last year was my first year participating in the crawl as an artist. I leaned in to the joy.
I felt such wondrous moments in the experience; I had such gratitude and joy not only for the participation but because of the sharing of one’s self.
I had to do it this year despite a pandemic.

Art is so personal yet so open to the world, especially this year, when I went inward during the pandemic and embraced life and expressed all my emotions through my art.

I revel what will come from the experience.

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