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Pottery by Pam - Pam Horner

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My pottery is colorful, fun and often whimsical. Each piece is handbuilt and unique. Most of my pottery is functional. Since I love to cook, many of my pieces are for the table. Food is so much more enjoyable when prepared, served or eaten from a piece that was lovingly handmade than if it is mass produced.
Whether kept for your own use or given as a gift, my intention is to create ceramic pieces that make people smile for years to come. In doing so, my creative energy follows the ceramic pieces to be part of the lives of those who use them.

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Unique hand-crafted pottery by Pam Horner that will always be one of a kind piece in your home or as a gift. Check out the bargain table of Oops, Odds and Oldies. Please call ahead.

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Unique and colourful hand–crafted pottery by Pam Horner that is functional and fun and will always be one of a kind piece in your home or as a gift. Please wear masks.

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