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Red Cedar Woman - Jessica Silvey

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Red Cedar Woman is an Indigenous-owned and operated company, we focus on the creation of unique, authentic Indigenous items. I weave traditional and contemporary cedar bark baskets, hats, mats, Salish Blankets and throw pillows using wool dyed with traditional food and medicine plants. We also offer basket weaving workshops to various learning institutions throughout the lower mainland. Last year we introduced our line of bath and body products and just recently our exciting new line of Sage Blends for smudging your body/spirit and home.

We are grateful to be able to live our lives using the natural resources within our traditional territory or in trade from neighbouring nations just as our ancestors have since time immemorial.

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Jessica Silvey is a self-taught weaver of Coast Salish and Portuguese descent. Childhood hours were spent with her paternal grandmother in the forest.
Her love for weaving and fibre arts, coupled with a background in museum curating inspired her concept for a unique Weaving Studio. She facilitates immersive weaving workshops in Coast Salish basketry, Salish weaving on the floor loom & harvesting traditional use plants for dyes & medicines plus workshops in natural dying, macramé, fibre wall hangings, fluid pour paint & resin paint, creating natural pigment paints & traditional medicines.

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