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PR – Art Exhibition: Memento Mori

Tues, Thur + Sat: noon-5pm. Honoring grief and transformations between life and death. Art installation, writing, music, candles and ofrenda altar for deceased loved ones. Bring flowers, photos and mementos for the altar. There will also be a virtual component of all events.

2020 Vision Art Exhibition

Six local visual and mixed media artists with six 2020 visions. Experience the whole fantastical ‘Cabinets of Curiosity” exhibit by Matthew Talbot-Kelly. Engage with a reimagined digital world through the eyes of Kasia Krolikowska. Dionne Paul presents “re-indigenize”, Allan Forest re-examines our natural environment, Alysha and Chad Sergerie re-think everyday life on the coast during 2020 and Gary Sean Loewen presents provocative hand-crafted paper collages with an invitation to create your own.

Art Exhibition – Gigi Hoeller Gallery

daily thru October. Covid precautions in effect. Lots of space to distance. Hand sanitizers available. 10 minutes North of Sechelt, North on Leaning Tree Road

Art Exhibition: Shifting Landscapes

Wed-Sun to October 25th. This exhibition features four internationally known, award winning artists who work in a wide variety of media and styles. Inspired by nature and their West Coast surroundings they have created works which pay homage to textile traditions while each establishing their own unique, contemporary style.

“Art is art, nature is nature, you cannot improve upon it.” Emily Carr

Anni Hunt | Kaija Rautiainen | Michelle Sirois-Silver | Catherine Nicholls

Art Exhibition: Crissy Arseneau – Cloud City

The paper sculptures of Crissy Arseneau’s ‘Cloud City’ are inspired by the reflections in the glass towers that fill Vancouver, with the cloud-filled sky they obscure mirrored back through an infinity of windows.

Art Exhibition: Relics of Our Past: The Beachcombers Reimagined

to October 25. A group art show featuring 20+ local, national and international artists paying tribute to the iconic Canadian TV show on the 30th anniversary of the show wrapping production in Gibsons.
Featured artists include:
Sunshine Coast artists
Charmaine Bayntun,
Todd Clark,
Andrea Coates,
Orca Coates Franklin,
Jana Curll,
Jody Franklin,
Jane Hennessy,
Ed Hill,
Gigi Hoeller,
Roseann Janzen,
Lyall Nanson,
Amber Petersen,
Ben Tour.

Plus Canadian artists,
Chris Simonite,
Robert Dayton,
Amelia Does,
Jon Dowdall,
Sybille Haeussler,
Sarah Lanteinge,
Serena McCarroll,
Jason McLean and American artist
David Fair

The show also features memorabilia donated by
The Sunshine Coast Museum & Archives
former Beachcombers star Jackson “Constable John” Davies

Art Exhibition: Suzy Naylor and Brian Romer

to October 25th. Romer painting in the Canadian landscape tradition expr4ess his interpretation of its essence and spirit. Naylor – “When I look at the world, first and foremost, I see colour. Shapes and forms are vessels for holding the colour.”

Brian and Suzy will be onsite from 11:30 to 1:30pm during the Art Crawl Oct 24 and Oct 25th.


Art Exhibition: Harbour Gallery Summer/Fall Hours

Open Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 11 to 4, throughout August & September. Our artists have been busy creating during this unique time, so please stop in and check out our new work. Contact Donna 604-323-4929 or June 604-883-2807 for a private showing, if preferred.

Art Exhibition: Hildegard Westerkamp, “At the Edge of Wilderness” + “Altered States”, Alan Sirulnikoff & Richard Nelson

to Oct 4. Plus ‘At the Edge of Wilderness is Sound-Slide Installation about Ghosttowns in British Columbia. The installation explores a strange moment of excitement and magic, discovery and adventure, the moment when the contemporary visitor encounters an abandoned industrial site. This moment also contains questions and stories about human industrial activities of the past and present; or a sense of the spirits and ghosts still hovering among the skeletal remains while nature is gradually reclaiming its place.

Hildegard Westerkamp is a composer, radio artist and sound ecologist. She presents soundscape workshops and lectures internationally, performs and writes. After completing her music studies in the early seventies her ears were drawn beyond music to the acoustic environment as a broader cultural context or place for intense listening. Whether as a composer, educator, or radio artist most of her work since the mid-seventies has centred around environmental sound and acoustic ecology.

‘Altered States’ with Sirulnikoff and Richard Nelson is a response to the work of Hildegard Westerkamp, these photographic and film works, are part of an ongoing exploration and connection with fragments from the non-human landscape, in an attempt to examine or interact with them in a more intimate way.

Art Exhibition: Kandice Keith

Tue-Sat 10:30-5pm; Sun 10:30-4pm. Born in Winnipeg, Kandice Keith is a contemporary painter based in Roberts Creek on the Sunshine Coast. She is best known for her landscapes and portraits of native British Columbia wildlife.

Keith spent much of her childhood at her Belair cabin exploring the forest and illustrating stories about animals and local wildlife. Her reverence for the natural environment remains the foundation of her work.

Art Exhibition: Out of Nowhere

Aug 22-30. One Flower One Leaf Gallery presents Sunshine Coast artists Autumn Skye, Carmelo Sortino, David Emerson Hall, Jennifer Goodwin, Patrick Skidd, and Peter R Nicholls at the One Flower One Leaf Gallery location in Sunnycrest Mall, Gibsons.

The Mix : Art Show

Aug 14-16. Friday 3-7pm; Saturday and Sunday 10am-5pm.

Featuring Charly Mithrush, Lore Schmidts, Donna Stuart & guest: Kate Von Riesen… and of course with ‘safety first’. Unfortunately no Friday opening but more to come. Please bring your own mask … required for entry.

Art Exhibition: Jayme Chalmers: ‘Sculptures from Books’, Kasia Krolikowska: ‘Life as Illusion’, Coral Arrand: ‘Fascinating Women’.

to Sept 7th. Three exhibitions under one roof. Jayme Chalmers sculpts portraits from books – not from blocks of steel, stone or wood but from blocks of paper and bindings. Kasia Krolikowska uses digital technology to add fluidity to images. Coral Arrand aims to connect the viewer to the energy, the power, and the uniqueness of strong, vibrant, and inspiring women .

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