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Opening Reception: A Sense of Place

What is a sense of place?
In our art practice, we are influenced by our environment and our experiences.
We were born and raised in Southern Manitoba and the influences of our Mennonite heritage and prairie environment have always been a steady thread in our work.
Our art always reflects our love of colour and texture and is expressed in a variety of fibre art media. Our heritage influences our work ethic and our desire to surround ourselves with beauty and function.
This collection of textile/fibre art reflects our interpretation of the world around and within us.
Y. Stowell & M. Wiebe

Art Exhibition: Jayme Chalmers: ‘Sculptures from Books’, Kasia Krolikowska: ‘Life as Illusion’, Coral Arrand: ‘Fascinating Women’.

to Sept 7th. Three exhibitions under one roof. Jayme Chalmers sculpts portraits from books – not from blocks of steel, stone or wood but from blocks of paper and bindings. Kasia Krolikowska uses digital technology to add fluidity to images. Coral Arrand aims to connect the viewer to the energy, the power, and the uniqueness of strong, vibrant, and inspiring women .

Shifting Landscapes

This exhibition features four internationally known, award winning artists who work in a wide variety of media and styles. Inspired by nature and their West Coast surroundings they have created works which pay homage to textile traditions while each establishing their own unique, contemporary style.

“Art is art, nature is nature, you cannot improve upon it.” Emily Carr

Anni Hunt | Kaija Rautiainen | Michelle Sirois-Silver | Catherine Nicholls

The Mix : Art Show

Aug 14-16. Friday 3-7pm; Saturday and Sunday 10am-5pm.

Featuring Charly Mithrush, Lore Schmidts, Donna Stuart & guest: Kate Von Riesen… and of course with ‘safety first’. Unfortunately no Friday opening but more to come. Please bring your own mask … required for entry.

Opening Reception: Theme & Variation

A solo show by Jean Curry

“Theme and Variation is a form of musical composition that begins with a main melody (theme) that is altered or changed in some way throughout the piece. These alterations are called ‘variations’.

When working in a series, an artist can also take a theme (image/concept) and use variations of it throughout a body of work.

Music and art are intertwined in my life. I am a choral singer. I am a fibre artist. Both are very process oriented methods of creating and use problem solving skills.

Art Exhibition: Lucas Kratochwil, “Immersion in Nature”

July 17-August 16. The exhibition seeks to bring back the attention of the viewer toward nature and remind us we are here only as visitors and it is our responsibility to take care of this planet. These paintings aim to have viewers feel immersed in nature, struck, non-existing, in complete awe, and at peace.

Art Exhibition: Harbour Gallery Summer Hours

Open Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 11 to 4, throughout July and August. Our artists have been busy creating during this unique time, so please stop in and check out our new work. Contact Donna 604-323-4929 or June 604-883-2807 for a private showing, if preferred.

Art Exhibition: The Landing Artists

to August 16. Six local artists from the group on display (and for sale) in the Atrium and upstairs in the Coastal Room. Artists include: R. Rodgers, E.Seepish, C. Swaney  T.Joel, E.Hill, C. Bayntun

Art Exhibition: Joy: For the Joy of It

Daily from Jul 9 – Aug 9. 11am to 4pm. Five artists (Greta Guzek, Motoko, Jen Drysdale, Kirsten Guzek and Josefa Fritz Barham) explore the theme of Joy. “In the muddy waters of humanity, the arts often choose to express sorrow over joy, disaster over achievement, malice over goodwill. Though opposites amplify each other, we wonder if it is harder to find symbols or marks of joy. We have hope that at the core, whether quiet or radiant, life and every expression of it, is joyful; and during these Covid times staying in touch with our positive energies is imperative!”

Art Exhibition: Veronica Trujilo, Forest Skin

July 17-August 16. Forest Skin is an exhibition of work by Squamish-based artist Veronica Trujillo.

Forest Skin was born between thoughts and daily walks as an exercise in approaching the environment and its community where she currently lives. Starting from the notion of exploring the human-landscape interaction through painting. The landscape observes us with an external face that has been formed with the time. Not only naturally but also by the uninterrupted human persistence.

Art Exhibition: Helen Geddes – The Goldbird Variations

to August 2nd. Please visit us to view Vancouver-based Helen Gedde’s beautiful gold bird paintings (38 in total!).
‘If the viewers find themselves able to connect with these new found feathery friends, that are usually so fleeting in their appearances, my job is done. Their momentary presence in body and song is a joy I don’t want to live without.’

Canada Day (Week Long) Art Gallery Opening – Gigi Hoeller

June 27 – July 5th – giving people more time and space to come and enjoy the work.

A special opening where Gigi brings out old much loved art works and display them and gently let them go at very reasonable prices. Plus check out the very interesting new pieces in the gallery!

Opening Reception: “connected” POSTPONED

What connects you to the world? Are your connections strong shared experiences or are you delicately held together by a single thread? Are your connections worn and strengthened by the passage of time or are they shiny-new and untested?

We are all connected somehow to something… come and explore them

Art Exhibition: Sunshine Coast Surface Design Group: Between the Layers

to July 5. No Opening Reception. Fibre and textile art, because of its tactile nature and inter-generational associations with comfort, has the ability to reach out and communicate directly with the viewer. ‘Between the Layers’ may be interpreted as multiple layers of techniques, meaning, materials or design.

Artists include the recent work of 17 members of the Sunshine Coast Surface Design Group, whose homes and studios range from Texada Island and Powell River, to Gibsons Landing.:

Alexis Bach
Marie Barry
Nell Burns
Connie Chapman
Penny Connell
Pat Crucil
Jean Curry
Debra Dumka
Gail Hunt
Trisha Joel
Jennifer Love
Lois McArthur
Yvonne Stowell
Maureen Sugrue
Jill Sullivan
Marilynn Wiebe
Patt Wilson

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