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Natural colours, print and pattern: A surface design Atelier with Natalie Grambow

Jun 24-26. In this 3-day atelier, students will delve into a world of creative surface design on textiles, using various printmaking processes. Imagery, and patterns will be created through these processes using colours derived from natural and botanical sources (such as traditional natural dyes, plant and mineral dyes) and these will be extracted to create a palette for direct application on textiles as well as paper. Students will be painting, block and silkscreen printing, stencilling, and writing on textiles using a dye thickener, as well as exploring various colour modifiers to extend their colour p

The Serendipitous Bundle: Eco Printed Scarves with Trisha Joel

This experimental journey begins with looking at which botanical materials print well in close contact with silk and merino wool… and what effect different natural dyes offer. There will be the choice of creating a unique silk scarf or a merino shawl.

Part of this exploration will look also at the occasional beautiful marks left on the paper used in the process after the fun of unrolling our bundles.

The further step of over-dyeing with indigo will be demonstrated.

All materials are provided for this beginner friendly class.

Stitch and Resist with Catherine Nicholls

In this workshop we will be exploring shibori, folded and katazome resist techniques to create unique multi layered patterns on fabrics. There will be an indigo vat brewing as well as Procion dyes on hand for layering of colour. Students are welcome to approach this course as a series of samples and explorations, or work with intention towards a goal. As always design will form a big part of our study and samples often have a way of coming together to create a unique textile masterpiece.

The Contemplative Stitch: Boro with Wendy Drummond

Slowing down the production, reconnecting the creative.

The Contemplative Stitch – Boro class introduces participants to a Japanese form of stitching and textiles that traditionally was referred to as “mended or patched cloth”, a skill that was necessary in keeping clothing functional and warm. Today, however, Boro has been elevated to an art form that can be functional, decorative and story-filled. You will enjoy the journey through the history and practice of Boro and its application of stitch.

Perfect for beginners or seasoned sewers, no sewing machines or technology required, just a curi

Embellishing with free style Machine Embroidery with Nell Burns

July 3-4. This 2-day workshop will expose many secrets of machine embroidery and allow you to fully understand just what your machine can do.
This is a sample based class where we will explore the possibilities of embellishing a variety of surfaces with free motion embroidery using different fabrics, yarns and threads. The techniques taught can be applied to any stitchable surface to further define shapes, create textures and dimension and create an embossed effect. By experimenting with these techniques, you will discover the possibilities and options are endless.

You will produce a range of samples i

FELT à la main with LOVE (Scarf) with Chantal Cardinal

This workshop will introduce you to Nuno felting by creating a one-of-a-kind lightweight scarf. Nuno felting is the process of binding wool fibres to another fabric (in this case a cotton cheesecloth) with the fibres migrating through creating a new & unique material. Cotton cheesecloth is a loose weave fabric—a good initiation to Nuno felting as it is foolproof and guarantees a successful first project.

It helps to have tried wet felting or have a basic knowledge of felting… but all experience levels are welcome

Felting tools will be standing by for you to use (bubble wrap, mesh, plastic, t

Landbase/Home – Caitlin ffrench – Artist Talk

In lieu of an opening reception, join us on our Facebook Page for the opportunity to connect with the Caitlin as she shares about her process, the story of the land, inspirations and more.

Using natural materials Caitlin ffrench has built representations of her memories- mapping travels and life events into tangible objects. These works were made using the word Hiraeth as a catalyst; a longing or homesickness for a place that no longer exists.

Show runs to June 20th

Artist Exhibition: Landbase/Home – Caitlin ffrench

Landbase intersects ethnobotany, geology, and visual storytelling with wildcrafted pigments, ceramics, and textiles.

Using natural materials Caitlin ffrench has built representations of her memories- mapping travels and life events into tangible objects. These works were made using the word Hiraeth as a catalyst; a longing or homesickness for a place that no longer exists.
Each piece tells the story of a place or time that ffrench holds dear and where she feels that she left a part of herself.

Art Exhibition: Three, Two, One – Create

The exhibit, “Three, Two, One – Create” is a play on words, but has a larger meaning for this show. There are three artists (Don Zeghers, Krista Zeghers and Coreen Zerr) using two artistic mediums (photography and fibre art) in one exhibit to depict the creative process. Each of the pieces in “Three, Two, One – Create” involves a collaboration between the artists.

Opportunity: What the Plus (+) 2021: CALL FOR LGBTQ2S+ ARTISTS – Powell River and region

Deadline April 15, 2021. This is a call for INTEREST  for local coastal LGBTQ2+ artists to participate in the 2021 What the Plus + Exhibition in Powell River, BC. This year’s theme is “Creative Self-Portrait” Free to submit your interest at – Seeking 6-10 or so dedicated artists working in any medium to present up to 3 works each in July/August 2021 in Powell River, BC. see details on site and email

Artist Talk – Three, Two, One – Create

We are hosting a Virtual Artist Talk in lieu of an opening reception for our Opening Show of the 2021 season. Join us on Facebook Live to talk with Coreen Zerr, Krista & Don Zeghers about their show, their process and more ..

FibreWorks Studio & Gallery

Open by appointment only Jan 1 – Mar 31, 2021. Can’t wait until the yrts open in April? Visit their online shop to explore the incredible talent or Sunshine Coast artists here

LearnAlong – Drop Spindling

We will be using drop spindles to create yarn from raw fleece that as been carded into roving or rolags. This is a very good way to learn to spin wool.

We will be following Covid protocol: maximum eight participants indoors, hand sanitizer, and social distancing. Please bring a mask. If it is not raining, the outdoors is available under a newly ordered canopy. Please bring warm clothes.

RSVP to and please let us know if you will require a spindle or wool.

Opportunity: Winter Artisan Showcase – now accepting applications!

Deadline Nov 7th. The Sunshine Coast Arts Council is delighted to present our pilot Artisan Showcase, and to invite local artisans to apply to present work for sale.

Over the course of 3 weeks, we will provide space for 4 vendors per week to share and sell work. The Artisan Showcase will take place on Fridays and Saturdays from 12-4pm, and will provide visitors with an opportunity to support our local artisans and buy goods from them.

The cost for Artisans to participate is: $50. Applications close November 7th.

Art Exhibition: Shifting Landscapes

Wed-Sun to October 25th. This exhibition features four internationally known, award winning artists who work in a wide variety of media and styles. Inspired by nature and their West Coast surroundings they have created works which pay homage to textile traditions while each establishing their own unique, contemporary style.

“Art is art, nature is nature, you cannot improve upon it.” Emily Carr

Anni Hunt | Kaija Rautiainen | Michelle Sirois-Silver | Catherine Nicholls

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