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Art Exhibition: Jayme Chalmers: ‘Sculptures from Books’, Kasia Krolikowska: ‘Life as Illusion’, Coral Arrand: ‘Fascinating Women’.

to Sept 7th. Three exhibitions under one roof. Jayme Chalmers sculpts portraits from books – not from blocks of steel, stone or wood but from blocks of paper and bindings. Kasia Krolikowska uses digital technology to add fluidity to images. Coral Arrand aims to connect the viewer to the energy, the power, and the uniqueness of strong, vibrant, and inspiring women .

Art Exhibition: Joy: For the Joy of It

Daily from Jul 9 – Aug 9. 11am to 4pm. Five artists (Greta Guzek, Motoko, Jen Drysdale, Kirsten Guzek and Josefa Fritz Barham) explore the theme of Joy. “In the muddy waters of humanity, the arts often choose to express sorrow over joy, disaster over achievement, malice over goodwill. Though opposites amplify each other, we wonder if it is harder to find symbols or marks of joy. We have hope that at the core, whether quiet or radiant, life and every expression of it, is joyful; and during these Covid times staying in touch with our positive energies is imperative!”

Opportunity: 2020 Creative Expression During Social Distancing

DIGITAL EXHIBITION at GPAG. We invite all ages to connect with community, provide an opportunity for you to share your feelings through art during this historical moment we all find ourselves in. We welcome digital files of ORIGINAL ARTWORK you have created in response to Covid-19 during times of physical distancing. Photography, visual arts, spoken word video, dance video… it’s up to you. Show us what’s happening in your studio or on the streets in your community.

Gibsons Public Art Gallery Reopens with ‘Shout Out’

in line with guidance from BC’s Restart Plan, we will reopen on Thursday May 21 at 11am for resumption of the 2020 Shout Out youth exhibition. Subsequent opening hours will be as before: Thursday through Monday: 11am to 4pm

2020 Creative Expression During Social Distancing

GPAG has launched a virtual exhibition which aims to capture the feelings, emotions and daily life in this unprecedented time when not only daily routines but our lives have been drastically altered. Our community, our country and the world struggle to respond to this ubiquitous pandemic. The virtual gallery will be ongoing with new submissions added each week. Keep checking back to see what’s being created or captured in your neighbourhood.

Spring Break: Hand Building with Clay with Bev & Ray Niebergall (Ages 10-13) – CANCELLED

12:30 – 2:30pm.
This wonderful workshop is designed to introduce your child to the magic of working with clay! By squishing, rolling, building and glazing, the children will use different techniques and methods to create wonderful works of art such as an animal pinch pot, mug, vase, bowl, mask or a choice of another project while learning the basic hand-building techniques of coil, pinching and slab. This is a great opportunity for children to use their imagination and inspire their unique creativity!

Spring Break: Fun with Clay with Bev & Ray Niebergall (6-9 yrs) – CANCELLED

For ages 6-9 : Mar 16 & 25 : 10:00 am – 12:00 pm.
It turns out that working with clay encourages growth and skills such as: motor skills, sensory development, problem solving skills, curiosity, self worth and self expression. It is exciting to see the pride a child exhibits when creating their own “masterpiece”. Touching clay is very centering, calming and therapeutic. Working with clay gives you permission to get your hands mucky! It touches our basic human spirit.

Spring Break: Drawing & Painting on Devices – CANCELLED

Ages 10-13

Paula O’Brien leads this workshop. The exciting thing about digital drawing and painting is its portability and the variety of textures, colors and mark making you can achieve and the wonderful results of working in layers. We’ll explore the tools and features, like making a new image, choosing brushes, selecting size, color, texture, transparency and the really important part, working in layers.

Spring Break: Urban Sketching – CANCELLED

Ages 10-13

Paula O’Brien leads this workshop. We will explore quick sketching by really looking at objects and working from direct observation. Instead of imagining or remembering what things looks like, we’ll really LOOK at things and explore drawing them quickly. The process of actually learning to SEE is more important than the resulting image. We’ll explore different types of paper and will use ballpoint pens, Sharpies, China markers, and maybe add just a touch of watercolor for punch.

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