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PR – Opening Reception: Contemplating Scrolls -Brigitte Potter-Mael

Show runs Tue/Thu/Sat to Oct 20. A multi-media artist, versatile in papermaking, drawing, print-media and installation art. Born in 1943, she has lived in Canada since 1977, where she studied visual art at Concordia University in Montreal.

Living in British Columbia since 1990, she has kept close European ties through artist-residencies and exhibitions in Germany, Italy, France and Denmark. These connections reflect her strong belief in the importance of safeguarding bridges between diverse voices through cultural exchanges in contemporary art discourse.

Opening Reception: Theme & Variation – CANCELLED

A solo show by Jean Curry

“Theme and Variation is a form of musical composition that begins with a main melody (theme) that is altered or changed in some way throughout the piece. These alterations are called ‘variations’.

When working in a series, an artist can also take a theme (image/concept) and use variations of it throughout a body of work.

Music and art are intertwined in my life. I am a choral singer. I am a fibre artist. Both are very process oriented methods of creating and use problem solving skills.

Opening Reception: “connected” POSTPONED

What connects you to the world? Are your connections strong shared experiences or are you delicately held together by a single thread? Are your connections worn and strengthened by the passage of time or are they shiny-new and untested?

We are all connected somehow to something… come and explore them

Opening Reception: Shifting Landscapes – CANCELLED

This exhibition features four internationally known, award winning artists who work in a wide variety of media and styles. Inspired by nature and their West Coast surroundings they have created works which pay homage to textile traditions while each establishing their own unique, contemporary style.

“Art is art, nature is nature, you cannot improve upon it.” Emily Carr

Anni Hunt | Kaija Rautiainen | Michelle Sirois-Silver | Catherine Nicholls

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