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Virtual ART ROAD TRIP with Marlene Lowden

We invite friends, colleagues or family members to join us for this three part video series. Use a long weekend road trip with your BFF as a metaphor for this online art adventure. There are 3 parts, each part invites companions to work together and support each other to create art studies. The exercises will push everyone a little out of their comfort zones and if they are practicing artists, out of their normal mediums. Don’t worry if you’re a beginner, this is for your too! We suggest that you and your art buddy do the exercises over the course of 3 days.

Gibsons School of the Arts Workshops – CANCELLED

for painters – taught by professional artists who are experienced instructors.

Improve your artistic abilities by enrolling in one of six summer workshops for painters at the Gibsons School of the Arts on the scenic Sunshine Coast in British Columbia, Canada.

Classes vary in length from 4 to 5 days and starting on different days of the week. Fees are adjusted to reflect the length of the workshop.

For a complete list of dates, instructors and prices visit their site

Art Exhibition: Joy: For the Joy of It

Daily from Jul 9 – Aug 9. 11am to 4pm. Five artists (Greta Guzek, Motoko, Jen Drysdale, Kirsten Guzek and Josefa Fritz Barham) explore the theme of Joy. “In the muddy waters of humanity, the arts often choose to express sorrow over joy, disaster over achievement, malice over goodwill. Though opposites amplify each other, we wonder if it is harder to find symbols or marks of joy. We have hope that at the core, whether quiet or radiant, life and every expression of it, is joyful; and during these Covid times staying in touch with our positive energies is imperative!”

Canada Day (Week Long) Art Gallery Opening – Gigi Hoeller

June 27 – July 5th – giving people more time and space to come and enjoy the work.

A special opening where Gigi brings out old much loved art works and display them and gently let them go at very reasonable prices. Plus check out the very interesting new pieces in the gallery!

4-Week Online Landscape Painting Workshop

to July 11. Lucas Kratochwil will teach a 4-week online painting workshop, to teach you how to paint realistic landscapes, from the comfort of your home, anywhere in the world! He’ll share with you, step by step, his methods & techniques, and the complete process from setting up your studio and getting the right supplies, to completing a landscape painting of your own.

Plus Lucas will host a weekly, live, online video conference session where he’ll teach each module and demonstrate it. You will be able to follow along from your home, paint together with Lucas guiding you Live and ask questions. (Don’t worry if you miss a session. They will be recorded and available for you to watch online up to 3 months after the workshop!)

Watercolour and Ink with Bruce Edwards – CANCELLED

May 2 & 3. with Bruce Edwards. We will be mixing colour, applying washes, dry brush techniques, etc. to create art together. Valuable information to supplement travel sketching and journals. We will also work from our own mini still life compositions, to realize the basic steps in producing our art.

Abstract art classes with Marlene Lowden

Explore the mysterious world of abstract art in Place des Arts’ first online visual arts series! View 5 videos by artist and educator Marlene Lowden to discover how artists use the elements of design to express themselves while experimenting with materials you have at home. Through a series of fun activities in each video, you will be introduced to each element of design and learn how to interpret these elements when looking at abstract art. This video series is suitable for all ages and ability levels, gather your household or tune in with friends virtually and begin creating!

Creative Dreamwork Classes – CANCELLED

Connect with your dreams through creative exploration. In this meditative yet playful class you will work with whole dreams, fragments or a single image you remember through mindfulness, active imagination, creative journalling and visual art. You will gain a new understanding of the guidance these night-time images provide and decipher the messages your subconscious self is communicating to you. On this journey of self-discovery you will open doors to your imagination, nurture your creativity and connect with yourself on a deeper level. To register contact

Spring Art Classes – Landscape – CANCELLED

8 classes ($80 members), ($90 non-members). Learn some creative techniques with instructor Shelley Stunell. Open to all new or experienced. This class is for beginners.

April 6 – 29th.

All classes are Mondays and Wednesdays
1 – 3 pm at Sarah Wray Hall.

Introduction to Landscape: Sketch to Finished Work – POSTPONED

Instructor Rick Cepella. Rick will share how he has combined decades of time sketching and recording in the field with a studio practice that allows him to create bold, expressive works born of his passion for the natural world and keen study of painting in its many forms. This is an excellent opportunity to share in the wealth of experience and knowledge of an artist/educator who thrives on the enthusiasm of his fellow artists and students. Some painting/drawing experience an asset.

Come prepared to work and learn. Please bring the painting tools you are familiar with. No oils. For drawing– a sketchbook and drawing tools including a black marker (non-toxic) . Bring samples of your work, reference photos and any examples of the work of others you admire.

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