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Lori Morris Paintings

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“Art and beauty are so important, both enjoying it and creating it.  
It heals our souls, connects us to each other and connects us to the 
wonderful places that enrich our lives.

I’m Lori Morris, an acrylic painter of  vibrant paintings
inspired by Gods created beauty on Canada’s Westcoast.

The more you surround yourself with beauty, the better you’ll feel.  
My paintings will remind you of places you’ve 
visited or will inspire you to visit them!

Be still in the presence of beauty… your soul will thank you.”

If you would like to view my work in person please call 604 989 5674 for an appointment! As of Sept 2020.

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I am a landscape and seascape painter of vibrant Westcoast art. I help awaken people to the extravagant love of God through art and beauty.

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My paintings are inspired by the beauty of the Sunshine Coast. I feel God’s extravagant love through art & beauty and my hope is that you will feel it too.

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